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Turkana Trilogy

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Turkana 2011

The material for this film was shot in 2011 shortly after the rainy season and it therefore depicts more of the positive aspects of the otherwise rather arduous lives of the pastoralists. It also features scenes from the capital Lodwar and irrigation projects. 
Length: 50 mins                                          (Erratum, in the film: Kaikor is in the northeast of Turkana county.)

Turkana 2014

My field research 2013/2014 focussed on how the Turkana developed hybrid ways of life between traditional pastoralism and modern market economy. The film exemplifies a number of aspects. 
Length: 45 mins

Turkana 2016

This film explores present-day ways of life of non-pastoralist Turkana. 
Length: 47 minutes


All films   © Harald Mueller-Dempf / Max Planck Institute for Social Anthropology

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