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More Toposa films and video material

1983 Nyakidamadam

The Toposa socio-political system is based on generation-sets. In regular intervals each generation-set holds a nyakidamadam, a dance celebration, in order to show its vitality and strength. The film shows digitally restored historical Super-8 material. A comparison with some almost identical scenes in "Toposa 2008" may be of some interest.

Length: 30 minutes

Toposa 2006

Filmic notes 2006: a visit to a homestead, a marriage ceremony, a village festivity featuring typical nyagatta (prayers) and a focus on women.

Length: 27 mins

Toposa 2009

Filmic notes 2009: scenes at a cattle camp. Also: downtown Kapoeta; Loriang’s homestead; a blacksmith; gold panning.

Length: 34 mins

Crafts (Toposa and Turkana)

To varying degrees the Toposa and Turkana lead their traditional life and produce their traditional handicraft. On the other hand they have adapted new techniques in order to find income niches in the modern (non-touristic) sector. The film focuses on bead work, rural architecture, metal techniques, and fibre weaving, imbedded in the daily life of people.Length: 28 minutes


2006 Wedding

A compilation of the complete footage, including the unused clips, of the marriage ceremony in the film “Toposa 2006”. With translations of songs

Length: 17 mins

2006 Cyriakos

Visit to Ciriakos Lolinga’s homestead, featuring a typical welcome speech. With translations.

Length: 17 mins

2006 Loriang

Everyday scenes at the homestead of Loriang.

Length: 14 mins

Songs 1

Translated songs of men and women.

Length: 29 mins

Songs 2

Translated ox songs in a cattle camp.

Length: 10 mins

All films   © Harald Mueller-Dempf / Max Planck Institute for Social Anthropology

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